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Lagoon 380

It’s fast, easy to manoeuvre and safe, and has a legion of fans spread across the world’s oceans.

Sun Odyssey 409

Her proven hull makes her ready to go on any serious long sailing cruise.

Sun Odyssey 409

The specific Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 has been well cared for and is in very good condition like brand new.

Sun Odyssey 410

To design the Sun Odyssey 410, Jeanneau reached out long standing design partner Marc Lombard , who was assisted by Jean-Marc Piaton.

Sun Odyssey 42DS

The Sun Odyssey 42DS boasts a modern, fluid design, a rare, timeless elegance, and the comfortable interior layout expected of a sailboat built for cruising, all while delivering a superior performance.

Sun Odyssey 42DS 2cbs

This is the most confortable 2-cabins-2-bathrooms in our fleet.

Sun Odyssey 42i

Effortless speed, complete safety and the security of a well-designed cockpit are the key features of the Sun Odyssey 42i while underway. So please, sit back and enjoy the experience!

Sun Odyssey 43

Built of hand-laid fiberglass without a core, the 43 hull, like other Jeanneau sailboats, is stiffened with laminated-wood longitudinal stringers and ring frames and without structural liners.

Sun Odyssey 439

At first glance, she is clearly a Sun Odyssey. Moreover, the Sun Odyssey 439 reflects the design trend that started with the Sun Odyssey 409.

Sun Odyssey 439

A closer look reveals an innovative deck plan that makes sailing easy.