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Top Ten Reasons Why Sailing The Greek Islands With A Yacht Charter Is The Best Choice For Your Holidays In Greece

1. When you’re in a sailboat, you take your hotel with you.

It goes where you go. No packing unpacking…


2. The whole trip can cost less than just booking a hotel would.

When you organize your family and friends to share in the trip with you, a yacht charter will cost less than booking a hotel would, and your transportation from port to port is included. Our yachts can accommodate from two up to twelve persons.


3. Go to the magical places where only those with a boat can go.

You are able to swim in the most spectacular of Greece’s crystal clear waters and relax on the most enchanting of Greece’s pristine beaches.


4. Full accommodations and amenities.

The sailing yacht has even more accommodations and amenities that you would find in a hotel, including a fully equipped kitchen, and communal sitting and dining areas.


5. Your holiday is as independent as holidays can possibly get.

You go exactly where you would like to go, and you stay for as long as you would like to stay. For those who know how to sail and would enjoy sailing the yacht themselves, our team can help you learn about Greece’s best destinations, and provide you with relevant information about the waters and wind conditions. For those who don’t know how to sail or who just wish to sit back and relax during the journey, our highly competent skippers can recommend places to go and things to see, and simply follow whatever itinerary and destinations you set for your trip.


6. See the best variety of Greece’s most special and beautiful places, scenery and islands.

You can go anywhere along Greece’s 13, 676 (8,498 miles) kilometers of islands and mainland coastline. Go to a different place every day if you choose, or stay at your favorite spots for as long as you like.


7. You get to be environmentally friendly.

Sailing is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation you can find almost anywhere in the world. You are using the natural force of the wind to power as much of your journey as possible.


8. Excellent options both for those on a budget or for those looking for a luxury trip.

For those on a budget, the fully equipped kitchen allows you to make your own meals with the freshest of fruits, vegetables, bread, fish, cheeses, meats and poultries that you can possibly imagine. For those looking to experience the best of Greece’s traditional cuisine, opportunities abound for sampling as many of the local Greek flavors as you can, while dining in picturesque waterfront taverns to your heart’s content. You also have the option of hiring an on-board steward or hostess to prepare meals for you and to keep the yacht clean throughout your journey.


9. World-class safety both on land and in the sea.

Greece is one of the safest countries in the world, especially on the islands, with the most friendly and vibrant people you will ever see and meet. You do not get harassed the way people often do in other sunny climates, and crime rates are very low.


10. SAILING IS FUN, and also peaceful, as an activity in and of itself.

For those prone to motion sickness, we have calm water sailing routes that allow you to relax and enjoy the journey as much as the destinations. For those looking for greater sailing challenges, and sporting adventures, we have perfect routes for even the most experienced of sailing enthusiasts.





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Beyond Expectations

Words can not describe the wonderful experience we had with Captain Yiannis and our beautiful hostess Despina, on our bucket list of things to do and now that we have experienced sailing with Captain Yiannis we are planning our next trip with him and Despina.
We had a remarkable seven days seeing beautiful islands, wonderful beaches and the amazing colours of the sea.
A trip of a lifetime, one that will always be with us forever,
Both Captain Yiannis and Despina were absolutely amazing and accommodated to all our needs. The trip was beyond all our expectations.
Friends Forever !!

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