Ionian Islands

You can start your sailing holiday from one of our 2 bases, Corfu or Lefkas.


The temperate climate; the deep and cool sea waters; the mountains; the lush vegetation; the cultural heritage; and the cheerfulness of the inhabitants, make the Ionian Islands the ideal place for a sailing holiday as well as rest and relaxation.

What is more, the traits of the Ionian Islands are perfectly combined with a flawless tourism infrastructure, excellent hotel accommodations, restaurants, diving centers, sea sports, cultural events, and a multitude of sights, historic monuments and museums worth visiting.

The Ionian Islands are part of Greece and lie off the country’s west coast, in the Ionian Sea. The northernmost island, Corfu, has an old town with Renaissance, baroque and classical architecture. Corfu also features the 19th-century Liston, a promenade on the central square, with arcades and cafes.

The 15th-century Old Fortress is nearby. The Palace of St. Michael and St. George is home to the Museum of Asian Art.

Scattered along the western coastline of Central Greece, the Ionian Islands as they are known, are an island cluster comprising twelve small and large islands whose total surface area comes to 2,200 square kilometers. Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu (Kerkyra), Kefalonia, Lefkada, and Paxi are the six, large Ionian Islands.  Antipaxi, Erikousa, Mathraki, Othoni, Meganisi and the deserted islets of Strofades south of Zakynthos are the smaller Ionian Islands.

Together with the island of Kythira and the neighboring Antikythira the islands form the island cluster of Eptanisa. Nevertheless it should be noted that Kythira and Antikythira are completely cut off from the rest of the Ionian islands situated as they are across southern Peloponnese and the coast of Laconia. 

Once, the Ionian Islands were part of Central Greece but were torn apart when the terrain sank due to the seismic activity along the great coastline fault of the Ionian Sea. This accounts not only for the ragged shores and hauntingly beautiful beaches but it also accounts for the islands’ tall mountains, once part of the Pindos mountain range which crosses Central Greece. It also accounts for the great depth of the waters in the area which, at 4,406 meters, is the greatest in the Mediterranean.


Crystal clear waters, amazing swimming spots, lush green Islands, friendly people, GOOD FOOD, fantastic ports, all these are waiting for you to explore in the Ionian Sea

The temperate climate, the protected calm waters and short distances make these Islands ideal for easy Sailing while offering lots of swimming opportunities in the most beautiful spots.

Scattered along the western coastline of Central Greece, the Ionian Islands are an island cluster comprising of more than twelve small and large islands

The Ionian Islands are world famous for their exotic beaches that are frequently included among the best beaches in the world. Navagio in Zakynthos, Myrtos in Kefalonia, Agios Gordis in Corfu and Porto Katsiki in Lefkada are only few of these beaches that amaze visitors with their natural beauty and the fabulous waters. Every beach in Ionian Sea is a unique experience and offers something new.

Let your dreams come true in one of the following islands:

Corfu,  athraki, Othonoi, Erikousa, Paxos and Antipaxos, Lefkas, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Kefalonia, Ithaka, Zakinthos.

7 day sample Itinerary from Lefkas;

Day 1) Lefkas – Meganisi (Spartohori)

Day 2) Meganisi -  Atokos – Vathi (Ithaka)

Day 3) Ithaka - Fiskardo (Kefallonia)

Day 4) Fiskardo – Myrtos beach - Assos (Kefalonia)

Day 5) Assos – Egremi Beach west side of Lafkas - Sivota (Lefkas)

Day 6) Sivota – Kastos - Kalamos

Day 7) Kalamos –  Meganissi - Lefkas

7 Day sample Itinerary from Corfu;

Day 1) Corfu – Moutros

Day 2) Moutros – Paxoi

Day 3) Paxoi – Lefkas

Day 4) Lefkas – Kefalonia

Day 5) Kefalonia – Kalamos

Day 6) Kalamos – Parga

Day 7) Parga - Corfu

Weather & Wind

In the summer, beginning in May through till the end of September the normal wind is from the North West. It arrives around noon, blows in a force 2-5 and subsides during sunset.
In the morning it is also noticed that a light Easterly wind may blow at a force of 1-2. During July-August, North West winds can blow with a little more strength than usual.
The weather conditions in the area are extremely favorable for relaxing trouble free sailing, it is highly recommended for family sailing in July and August, when winds in other regions are blowing stronger.


Come Sail the Greek Islands with us... and you will enjoy the Holiday of your Life Time! Worry Free and in Style!

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